How do your customers behave online, on what platform and why?

onlineengagementAs a marketer I’m increasingly asked how businesses can best engage with their target audiences online.

These days consumers are increasingly integrating their online and offline purchasing activities and it’s difficult to know exactly when our ideal customers are online and which channel they are likely to be using.

Global data information company Experian has analysed over 1.2 billion web page visits and 27 million hours of online activity and developed a series of digital personas which gives us some insights as to who is online the most, on what platform and why?

They’ve created this infographic, which explains how consumer segmentation groups behave online, from ‘Trackers’ – those who keep up to date with their investments to ‘Techno Geeks’ – the most prolific online community who spend time gaming and blogging.

How do your customers live their lives online?


Christine Davey

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