I started my career in publishing (IPC Magazines), working as an advertisement assistant in a busy sales department, selling column space to advertisers within the music industry (NME).

I subsequently held various supporting management roles within leading London advertising & design agencies handling a range of accounts within the retail, sport sponsorship, financial, fashion and automotive fields.

I spent 9 years working in furniture retail at Courts’  UK Head Office as a Marketing & Creative Services Manager, reporting directly to the  main board and communicating with a variety of outside suppliers outsourcing various creative services.  I managed the production function, producing an array of collateral, including brochures and point of sale.  I was responsible for the distribution of marketing collateral to 106 stores in the UK.  I was also involved in organising events, such as co-ordinating the design and build of the annual stand at The Ideal Home Exhibition and new store openings.

I’ve been providing a variety of freelance marketing management services to small businesses just like yours in Brighton and Sussex since 2004.

Maybe you’re looking for some help to develop your marketing strategy and implement your promotional planning?

Do you need to build your reputation through online marketing and Social Media Awareness? Perhaps you’re looking to create effective printed brochures & leaflets to help boost sales and build brand value?

Or, maybe you just need an extra pair of capable hands.

I offer a quality professional service at a competitive price – I’ll even bring my own biscuits!

Contact me today by telephone 01273 772033 or by Twitter to meet for an initial chat over a coffee.